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English for Kids around your location

Qkids is a holistic English learning program that is the most preferred throughout world and is based on academic references.

Children can easily learn English without any difficulty of means and time. Thanks to Qkids, my children can speak English. Most importantly, they have fun doing it.


Teaching young learners English Language

Learning English at an early age has many benefits for children. This can help them do better in school, have better job opportunities in the future, and become more aware of different cultures.

If you are in Izmir and looking for ways to teach English to your children, you can register online using our website.

Online language sources for young learners

Qkids English is an online language learning platform for children that can be easily used at home. This site contains games, activities, videos and songs that make teaching English for children fun.

The best way for children to learn English may vary depending on the child's age, personality, interests and learning style. However, some methods that can be generally effective are:

Enhanced learning environment

During language education, expose children to English as much as possible. You can do this by speaking English at home, watching English movies and cartoons, listening to English music, and reading English books.

Provide opportunities for children to converse with English speakers. This can be facilitated through online sites, playgroups, or language exchange programs.

İzmirde çocuklar için ingilizce canlı ders

Special games and entertainment for children

Children naturally learn through play and fun activities. Many games, such as card games and online games, can help children learn English.

When teaching English to children, use songs and stories that capture their interest and entertain them.

izmirde çocuklar için ingilizce kitaplar
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