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Involving girls’ interests in English lessons

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Girls and boys are involved differently in the English language. However, it should be noted that it cannot be claimed that boys and girls are entirely the same. Also, there are differences between girls’ interests in English and boys’ interests. One of the aspects of gender and language learning is that girls tend to excel in language decoding and abstract concepts more quickly, while boys rely on their spatial perception and learn language through visual and auditory input, as well as repetition .

Differences in language learning between girls and boys

Girls perform better in utilizing different strategies. They excel in integrating language skills with vocabulary and grammar effectively, whereas boys tend to strive to use a limited set of learning methods. On the other hand, boys typically possess higher self-confidence, engage more risks, and fear less from making mistakes.

This is a pivotal point that contributes to their success in language learning. Qkids English has made an effort in this topic to explore the relationship between girls’ interests in English and language learning so that by understanding yourself and compensating for your weaknesses, you can enhance your performance.

girls' interests in English

Solutions to involve girls’ interests in English lessons

To engage girls with the English language, you can use the following methods:

·         Goal setting:

Setting goals and achieving them can encourage the girl in language learning. Assist her in setting small and attainable goals for herself, and with continuous effort to achieve them, boost her confidence and motivation.

·         Varied instructional methods:

try to use diverse teaching methods. Everyone responds better to different techniques, so incorporate a combination of various methods, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This helps the girl learn more effectively using a method that is more effective for her.

·         English Teaching with games:

Use educational and interactive language games that concurrently enhance language skills. For instance, vocabulary city games, word puzzles, and multilingual interactions can be captivating and beneficial.

·         Reading books and stories:

Choose books and stories that cater adequately to their age level and interests. These books can contain appealing visuals and exciting narratives.

·         Meaningful connection:

Creating a meaningful connection with the English language can involve girls’ interests in English learning. You can use movies, books, and interesting stories that are related to subjects she enjoys. Additionally, creating opportunities for conversation and interaction with individuals who are proficient in English can boost her confidence in language acquisition.

·         Movies and TV series:

Utilize movies and TV series that are accessible with English subtitles. This method helps girls develop a habit of listening to and understanding English.

·         Practical dialogues:

Encourage them to converse in English with English-speaking friends and engage in conversations on various topics. You can create conversational challenges for them and consider rewards for their progress.

·         Online or in-person classes:

Encourage enrolment in online or in-person English language classes. A structured learning environment and access to teachers who can provide necessary guidance can expedite the learning process.

·         Computer and mobile applications:

Nowadays, there are many computer and mobile applications available for learning English, often in the form of games and tests that enhance language skills.

·         Stimulating environment:

Creating a captivating and engaging environment for learning English can be helpful. Use interactive techniques and educational games that attract the girl’s attention. For example, use computer programs, online games, interesting instructional videos, or language learning apps to introduce variety and appeal in the learning process.

·         Support and encouragement:

Foster a sense of encouragement and commend the girl and praise her progress. Your positive support and motivation can go a long way in keeping her engaged and motivated to continue learning.

End word

The most important point is to create a motivating and supportive environment for English language learning and use interactive and captivating methods to naturally involve girls’ interests in English.

Dear girls, are you interested in learning English with confidence and enjoyment? Welcome to the Qkids English website designed specifically for girls, where you’ll find a world of diverse resources and learning materials. On our website, the content and instructional methodologies are specifically customized to meet the needs and interests of girls. With our engaging and varied content, you’ll be able to learn English easily and creatively. At our website, we focus on topics that girls are interested in.




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