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Learning English with Games: Make Learning Fun for Kids

Updated: Jan 23

Indirect English language instruction for kids is one of the latest and most up-to-date teaching methods in the world. This technique is considered an exemplary and specialized method for children.

The most important condition in this method is that the child does not step out of their own childish world and unconsciously learns the second language alongside entertainment and play, without even realizing or knowing it.

One of the best and most effective indirect methods is Learning English with games. Nowadays, many English games can be accessed through mobile applications and software. Although numerous games can also be played online in virtual classrooms. In this topic, we will mention some of those games.

Learning English with games

12 Fun Games for Learning Kid’s English

1.      Simon Says: 

In this game, one person acts as “Simon” and gives various commands, and the other players must repeat those actions. You can play this game in English to assist children in geting accustomed to listening and understanding instructions in English.

2.       I Spy:

In this game, one person chooses an object and provides clues by saying “I spy with my little eye, something that starts with the letter such as A, B, etc.” The other players must guess the specific object. Learning English with games such as this game helps children learn new vocabulary and enhance their descriptive skills.

3.      Bingo:

 This classic game involves a grid with sets of words. One person randomly announces words, and the other players must find and mark those words on their grid. This game helps kids practice vocabulary and experience improvement in their reading and listening skills.

4.      Word Charades:

In this game, one person chooses a word and has to describe it without using words. The other players must try to guess the word. This game helps kids enhance their listening skills, word comprehension, and the ability to use idiomatic expressions.

5.       Hangman:

In this game, one person chooses a word, and the other players must guess the word by guessing letters. If they guess incorrectly, parts of a hanging figure are added. Learning English with games such as this game helps children practice vocabulary and improve their guessing and word exploration skills.

6.       Singing Songs:

 Singing English songs can be highly advantageous for children. By selecting simple songs with catchy tunes, children can experience improvement in their listening abilities, pronunciation, and understanding of word meanings.

7.      Watching English Cartoons:

Watching English cartoons with or without captions and subtitles is an excellent platform for learning English. Children can typically learn new vocabulary through watching cartoons and movies and enhance their reading and listening skills by familiarizing themselves with English text comprehension and pronunciation.

8.      Would You Rather? 

In this game, a question in the form of “Which would you posed, and children must express their choice. This game can help children practice expressing opinions and explaining their reasoning, facilitating the improvement of their English conversation abilities.

9.      Twenty Questions: 

In this game, one person thinks of a secret object, and the other players should try to guess it by asking up to 20 questions. This game enhances the skill of asking appropriate questions and expands the players’ words.

Fun Games for Learning Kid’s English

10.   Storytelling: 

Storytelling allows children to use their creativity in the English language. They can create and narrate their stories in English. Learning English with games such as this game helps improve children’s speaking skills, creativity, and vocabulary.

11.   Role-Playing:

 Role-playing games enable children to take on different roles and interact with each other in real or imaginary situations. This game helps children develop their conversational, listening, and problem-solving skills.

12.  Taboo Game:

In this game, one person chooses a the main word or phrase. Then, they must describe that word or phrase to the children without using certain forbidden words. The children have to speculate the word or phrase based on their knowledge. This game helps children learn new vocabulary, enhance their descriptive skills, and employ words creatively.

End word

Do you want to engage your kids in the enjoyable and entertaining realm of learning English? Qkidsenglish offers online Learning English with games for children, where learning happens indirectly. On the Qkids English website, children play games while simultaneously learning English. Through captivating and beneficial games, kids naturally and effortlessly acquire new phrases and vocabulary.



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