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Print and Make: A Fun Way for Kids to Learn

Kids have an incredibly strong imagination. This imagination helps them to engage in creative activities. There are various methods for teaching English to kids. One of these methods is learning English through print and make.

Print and make not only assist your child in learning the English language but also create wonderful moments for them.

Would you like your child to create things to learn English? For this purpose, your child can print flashcards to memorize new words and engage in fun crafts. They can also find colouring sheets and pages to print!


Boost your child’s learning with 4 strategies to print and make 

·         Flashcards

Flashcards have many advantages, and we will mention and explain some of their features:

  • Learning shapes and colors: We know that flashcards have pictures and vocabulary details. Having these visuals of shapes and colors motivates kids to read and, on the other hand, learning through images helps with comprehension.

  • Improving sentence construction: By reading words along with their corresponding images, colors, and information, kids can become skilled in constructing sentences because they have learned the complete word, making sentence construction easier.

  • Enhancing visual memory.

  • Fun-filled language learning with flashcards and accompanying activities.

  • Compact size and portability.

  • Sufficient knowledge about words by kids: kids can gain enough information about words by reading and working with flashcards, which facilitates comprehension.

  • Memorizing words in one’s memory: The more guidance kids receive about words, the better they can store them in their memory.

  • Enhancing right hemisphere functions: Reading flashcards stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain as it engages in active learning, leading to improved performance in the right hemisphere.

Print and Make

Using flashcards as one of the tools to print and make also offers the advantage of being cost-effective.

However, the learning process is greatly enhanced because kids can effectively memorize all the words by visualizing the shapes, colors, and accompanying text. There are also some flashcards for kids to colour and write!


·         Crafts

Teaching language to kids using crafts which are one of the tools to print and make can be an engaging and effective technique for them. Select craft activities that are related to the subjects and vocabulary you want to teach.

For example, if you want to teach colors to kids, you can design craft activities employing colored papers or diverse paints.

Using pictures and cards can help kids in language learning. You can cut out pictures related to the topic and provide them to kids to do crafts with, while simultaneously learning associated vocabulary.

While engaging in craft activities, offer explanations to kids and talk to them about the elements of the activity. Using vocabulary associated with the activity and providing detailed descriptions of craft components helps kids learn vocabulary in different areas of their lives.



·         Worksheets

An English worksheet is a kind of training resource used to practice and improve language skills in English. These worksheets usually consist of various exercises and activities that help kids improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

 print flashcards to memorize new words

English worksheets often include activities such as:

  • Completing sentences with suitable words

  • Translating sentences 

  • Recognizing and correcting grammar and spelling errors

  • Questioning and answering based on given pictures or sentences

  • Practicing reading passages and answering related questions

  • Listening exercises and determining the accuracy of sentences

  • Writing short texts on various subjects

  • Practicing pronunciation and identifying correct or incorrect sounds and words

These worksheets can be in the form of exercise booklets, printed sheets, or electronic files accessible to kids. Their design and format are usually captivating and appealing to kids to encourage them to learn English.

The use of English worksheets can help kids improve their language abilities and enhance their comprehension and mastery of the English language.


·         Colouring

Using colouring is also one of the tools to print and make. The best technique for teaching English to kids using colouring and drawing is to employ pictures and drawings that allow kids to see English vocabulary alongside the pictures and engage in colouring activities.

Choose images that are related to various aspects of the English language. For instance, select images of animals, household images, weather patterns, and so on. Write English words associated with the images next to them.

For each image, select one or several suitable words and write them beside the picture. Then Allow kids to color the images. This process can be highly engaging and enjoyable for them. 







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