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Teaching English with flashcards for children

Updated: Jan 8

There are various ways to learn the English language. One of the best methods is using flashcards. Valuable information about the English language is provided on both sides of these flashcards. On these English language cards, you can find information such as images, sentences, synonyms, and examples.

These cards are a suitable tool for learning English vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and more. By employing these flashcards, you can familiarize yourself with difficult words during classroom sessions.

Therefore, they have many applications teaching English with flashcards for children. By using Flashcards for kids English lessons you can instruct your children from a beginner level to an advanced level.

What are the benefits of Flashcards for kids' English lessons?

Teaching English with flashcards to children provides the greatest assistance in teaching English and improving their level of knowledge and learning skills.

Children cannot maintain a high level of concentration for a long time, so flashcards make the learning process easier for them and transform it into an enjoyable and game-like activity.

Let’s not forget that familiar images (the images on the flashcards) play a crucial role in children’s learning process.

Learning English with flashcards makes children think.

Teaching English with flashcards

Teaching English with flashcards

The desired word is displayed on one side of the card and its meaning on the other side, encouraging children to think in the target language.

When you show both the image and the word to children, it establishes a bridge in their minds between the image and the word. Consequently, every time the child sees that object in the real world, they will recall its name.

If you bring some color, enthusiasm, and creativity to your classroom, you will significantly enhance the learning experience for your students.

One of the recommended websites for teaching English with flashcards for children is the qkidsenglish. By visiting this site, you can familiarize yourself with various types of flashcards.

What are different types of flashcards?

Generally, flashcards are used for teaching English to children using images and words to help them learn vocabulary, expressions, numbers, and fundamental concepts. Here, we will explain some types of flashcards used in teaching English to children:

1. Vocabulary Flashcards:

This type of flashcard includes a picture of an object or idea and its related word in English. These flashcards help children learn words by connecting them with relevant pictures.

2. Phrase Flashcards:

This type of flashcard includes simple and common expressions in English. Each phrase is composed separately on a flashcard, and children can improve their speaking and comprehension skills by reading and practicing the phrases.

3. Number Flashcards:

This type of flashcards is used for teaching numbers to children. Each number is shown as a picture, and children can learn numbers through games and activities identified with numbers.

4. Alphabet Flashcards:

This type of flashcard is used for teaching the alphabet to children. Each letter is displayed as a picture and text, permitting children to practice pronunciation and letter recognition and learn the alphabet.

5. Digital Flashcards:

You can easily install and use a specialized flashcard app on your smartphone. Teaching English with flashcards for children with this method is much better, faster, and easier. You can easily add new vocabulary to your app whenever you want and review new content whenever you need it.

Furthermore, you can use blank flashcards where there are no pictures, and children can write their own words, phrases, or numbers on them for training. In teaching English with flashcards for children with this method allows children to express their creativity in learning while improving their writing abilities.

End word

Flashcards for kid's English lessons have been proven as an effective method for teaching children about various topics because they depend on a part of the brain that records and processes visual images.

Visual memory is actually the strongest part of human memory. Most children, aged between 12 to 18 months, start to identify different sounds and colors and take pleasure in them. Teaching English with flashcards for children is effective not only for children but also for language learners of all ages.

You can use flashcards not only for language learning but also for learning other concepts. Despite the very low cost of acquiring language learning flashcards, using them can be highly beneficial for reinforcing educational content.


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