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Learn with English Songs

english for children

Qkids English Songs are unforgettable for children !

Qkids English Songs for children encourages learning and enhances communication between young aged individuals. In recent years, science discovered a lot about how the brain works and develops. Babies are born with millions of brain cells. During the initial years of life, those cells form connections with others. Over time, the connections that we refer regularly become stronger.


Children who grow up listening to music develop rythm-related connections that in turn strengthen their language and communication skills. English Songs for kids play a very important part in learning both our native language, as well as secondary and tertiary ones.  As children, we can imitate the rhythm and musical structure of our mother tongue long before we can say the words.

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Qkids English Songs for children helps  retain new vocabularies and expressions more effectively. The rhythm of the music, as well as the repetitive patterns within the lyrics help children memorize vocabulary for long term.  Children learning a new language, in particular, can benefit from singing songs in their new learning journey. Even if major parts of the songs are unfamiliar at initial encounter, mimicking the vocabularies in a song can help kids practice producing sounds in the new language. Eventually the rythms  give way to actual understanding as the song is practiced repeatedly.

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Learn through rythm and remember for long

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Learning with Qkids English Songs

Outstanding musical talent is common among multilingual young ages. Likewise, individuals having tendency for music have increased aptitude in secondary or tertiary language learning due to their superior skills to perceive, analyze, process, and reproduce relevant accent. Understanding how music can help with language learning for kids is important, as when following the lyrics and rythm and music requires both sides of  brain to be used, making it easier to remember information that we learn.

Music and animated songs with Qkids lovely characters play a vital role in all of the Qkids Englis programmes.

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Qkids English Songs

Sample Playlist

Qkids English has songs library depending on Qkids lovely characters where your children will have interest and strong appeal within intriguing animations. Let your children learn through Qkids English Songs!