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If you want to spice up your childs' language learning journey and give permanent language skills, Qkids is exactly the program you are looking for! Fun and learning come together here.

Seda İMAL  I  Okyanus College - English Teacher

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Analyze Pack ®





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online english program for kids

Starting point to assess your child's English language skills and set them on a path to success with Placement Test, pinpoint their current proficiency level and choose the most appropriate education pack for them.

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Interactive Live Courses

Qkids English combines academic content with interactive environments where your child can engage in one-on-one or peer learning dynamics while having fun.

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live english course for children

Interactive Live Courses

english learning platform for kids

Learning Platform

Qkids English, an interactive English learning platform for children, is built upon the academic references of common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). After a level placement test, it provides personalized content consisting of 60 lessons tailored to your child's level. Qkids English, the most preferred choice worldwide, offers 14 levels with CEFR alignment and a total of 790 lessons.

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english for children

Qkids English, a global leader at interactive English language education between the ages of 4-12, with outstanding academic references, exclusive content for each lesson, and distinguished certified instructors with pedagogical formation, giving your child a high-level experience.


Interactive Learning Platform

790 lessons prepared within the scope of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) contain 12 different levels , Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary, and A1- B2 exercises in different fields.


It is offered with a unique child-friendly interface, LMS (Learning Management System) and performance analysis tools.


The most powerful learning interface ever produced meets your child at Qkids English.

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online english for kids
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One to One or Peer Learning dynamics

Live Courses for Children

etkileşimli ingilizce canlı dersler

TESOL Certified Instructors having Pedagogy background; offers a unique live course experience with gamified interactive educational tools.

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Qkids English teachers are sensitively selected with  TESOL, TEFL or ESL Certificate and having special talents in child education.

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Interactive Live Lessons main supplementary to English for Children are held in 30 minutes or 25 minutes, considering the student's attention span.

​ ​

Qkids English Live Courses for Children continue through customized content based on the subject and referencing to the interactive learning platform, so that each student's progress is instantly tracked by the mentoring instructor.

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sertifikalı ingilizce öğretmenleriyle canlı ders
learn from certificated teachers english

International standards periodically raise educational quality through individual and institutional inspections carried out by Global Testing, an international assessment organisation audits institutions and observes the impact of Qkids English on students diagnosed by followed academic reports.


With the advanced LMS system, the success and performance level of the student is always  under control .

english digital platform for children
teach english to your children
cefr alignment for english for children
learn english for kids with live courses

Starting with the adaptive placement test is the mandatory stage teaching English for Children in each level at Qkids English and the test being completed at the learning platform and live lesson , each student is given a free entrance to the 4SKILLS® Assessment Test, depending on the age range .

the best english app for children
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qkids english stories for kids

Reading English books for children is one of the most important parts of teaching English for Children and the language learning process, quality learning for children depends on frequent repetition and establishing a relationship between the areas of interest and the subjects learned.

Qkids customized library offers dozens of different books specifically for your child's level, and books consisting of interesting stories about the subjects achieved through learning platform, the events that your child will encounter in daily life. Qkids English books strengthen the language learning experience for your child with interesting visuals and appealing scenarios.

Qkids English children's books are also voiced for your child's advanced learning and pronunciation skills and abilities.

english stories for children
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english songs for children learn english by songs
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english songs for kids and children

Qkids English songs have been carefully designed for every child to learn English while having fun.  

English songs for children are an important part of the language learning process, as learning tools paired with systemic repetition and a sense of rhythm, it is possible to advance children's English learning experience.

Qkids, the most preferred English learning platform all over the world in Online English Education between the ages of 4-12, entertains your child with licensed songs providing international popularity and are pedagogically approved for children helping them to create permanent learning.

TESOL® Certified 15.000 Teachers for Children

Learn English for kids

California - Berkeley

University of California Berkeley 3+ Years Teaching Experience and  kids education!

gamification for learning english


University of OXFORD 2+ years kids teaching experience and children padagogy

çocuklar için ingilizce kitaplar


University of Pittsburgh 5+ years of teaching experience

enjoy characters of qkids english for learning english for kids
Books for Kids
Songs for kids

English for Kids &

English for Children, çocuklar için ingilizce öğrenme araçları

Global Leader with 3.2 M+ Active Students!

Live Courses .
Interactive Platform .
Assessment & Measurement

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ingilizce şarkılar ve canlı dersler
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  • What is Qkids English and what can i use it for?
    Qkids is the global leader for online and interactive English teaching to kids aged between 4-12 years old. Qkids can teach English for your kid with an appealing and entertaining tools, gamified education dynamics and academic bacground referencing from National Geographic Learning. You can use Qkids English for learning academic framed English grammar, vocabularies and built-up their confidence for speaking abilities.
  • How should i decide which package fits best for my children?
    Qkids English is presented to parents through academic mentorship support so that none of our packs are just software or an application. According to child pedagogy and sense of learning Qkids offers different education packages and methodologies appropriate to characteristic analysis.
  • My child doesnt have any base or learning history, should i start with Qkids?"
    Sure, Qkids ENglish starts with a placement test so that mentoring instructor would have an idea about the level of your kid where to start and present from appropriate curriculum portfolio.
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