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How to make learning English fun for boys

Girls or boys, which group is more talented in learning a foreign language, what effect does gender have on the process of foreign language education, and what is the relationship between gender and the level of language acquisition? 

What gender characteristics are influential in the level of proficiency and learning of a foreign language and lead to superiority in the learning process compared to the opposite gender?

These questions have always occupied the minds of language learners and teachers.

Planning English language headings by gender

The scrutiny of viewpoints and research on the influence of gender on foreign language acquisition indicates that considering gender differences in the educational curriculum appears necessary and taking into account the differences between genders in foreign language education planning will yield favourable outcomes.

Girls, considering their physiological characteristics and social conditions and situations, engage in learning a foreign language with higher motivation compared to boys. 

Now the question arises of How to make learning English fun for boys as well?

If learning a foreign language can be accompanied by some enjoyment and entertainment for boys, there is no longer a need for them to maintain their motivation to start it, as learning English fun for boys brings joy to them and it will not become boring for them.

learning English fun for boys

9 Simple Ways to make learning English fun for boys

To make learning English fun for boys, you can use the following ways and techniques:

 1.      Choose captivating topics:

Select topics that boys are interested in. For instance, use content related to sports, cars, technology, and video games. Seek out resources that help them improve their interest in the English language.

2.      Training games:

Use games and interactive activities to enhance language skills. You can utilize games, mobile apps, tablet games, and educational flashcards. These games make learning English fun for boys.

3.      Utilize media:

Boys typically have an interest in various forms of media. Use English-language films, TV shows, cartoons, and songs to improve their language skills. You can watch movies and TV series with English subtitles and use English music as a means to enhance your listening skills.

4.      Utilize technology: 

Employ modern technology to facilitate the process of English language learning. You can use English language learning apps, websites, online resources, and educational applications. These resources often include interactive exercises and training games that help boys learn English in a competitive and engaging manner.

5.      Provide practical examples:

Use practical illustrations to make learning English fun for boys. For example, you can talk about traveling to English-speaking countries or meeting individuals who use English. Such experiences demonstrate to them how useful English can be in daily life and in interacting with others.

6.      Create a friendly environment:

Establish a friendly and supportive environment for boys to learn English. You can create study groups or conversation groups where they can connect with like-minded individuals who share common goals and practice together.

7.      Transform learning into a challenge:

Try to make English language learning an exciting challenge. You can organize competitions and games that help boys in improve their language skills. For instance, you can hold pronunciation contests, translation challenges, or speed reading competitions.

8.      Encouragement and praise:

Provide encouragement and praise to boys to acknowledge their progress in learning English. Let them know that their efforts and achievements are recognized and valued.

9.      Connect with language experts:

Connecting with language experts and individuals who specialize in English can be inspiring for boys. Allow them to engage in conversations with these experts about English, opportunities, and career paths.

An important aspect to consider is to pay attention to the specific needs and interests of boys. Every boy has unique interests, so strive to gain a better understanding of their interests and requirements and provide suitable content and activities based on them.

apps and websites for boys

How can you find suitable English language learning apps and websites for boys?

Join online communities or forums dedicated to English language learning or language education. Interact with other educators and language learners to collect suggestions and insights on suitable apps and websites for boys to make learning English fun for boys. Our suggestion is to use the guidance provided on the Qkidsenglish website. 

At least to start this process. The Children’s Department at the Qkids English is recognized as the best language institute, offering online courses for children, as well as extracurricular sessions.


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