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How to Teach Kids to Speak and Spell English

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Generally, speaking English can be very challenging for some children. Others feel timidity about speaking English, and some feel they have to speak and spell English without any mistakes, perfectly and precisely.

You can help your child by creating a positive and encouraging environment and boosting their self-confidence so they can feel comfortable in an English-speaking setting. Parents often wonder how they can assist their children in learning English.

Qkidsenglish website provides an article that explains various encouraging methods to motivate your child to Speak and Spell English. 


Speak and Spell English

How to teach English sounds to kids?

Singing and learning English through sounds can sometimes be challenging. When you start learning a novel language, there are many unfamiliar sounds in that language that your vocal cords are not accustomed to pronouncing.

Singing helps you create proper shapes of lip and mouth positions and produce those sounds with a clear and loud voice. Singing facilitates you to learn how to pronounce weaker and stronger sounds differently in the English language.

Even individuals who are native English speakers may encounter challenges, but you can provide the most suitable platform for your children to learn English through songs with a few straightforward strategies. Help your kids Speak and Spell English more easily through songs by following these steps:

  • First and foremost, try to find the written lyrics of the desired song english or download a music video with subtitles.

  • Read the song lyrics out loud and look up any unfamiliar and new words in the dictionary.

  • Listen to the song once while reading the lyrics on paper and encourage your child to join you in singing along.

  • Once your child has reached a certain level of readiness, try singing the lyrics together without looking at the text. Remember, they shouldn’t immediately discard the song lyrics. In fact, through regular practice and repetition, you can easily teach them the song lyrics and help them memorize the lyrics.

Many kids find it very difficult to speak and spell English due to a lack of confidence and shyness. Singing in English can enhance their self-confidence and diminish their shyness. In fact, singing creates a secure space for kids to speak out loud and effectively practice speaking with a loud voice.


Speak and Spell English for kids

How to Teach Kids to Spell Words

·         Read it again and try again

When your child fails to read a word or misarticulates it, you should tell them to go back to that sentence and read it again from the beginning because it was incurrence, and they can read it correctly.

If they still don’t read it correctly, tell them to read the word again. As a result, with this exercise, you have allowed them to not only review it again but also to try again to rectify their pronunciation, guess its structure, and keep the spelling of the word in their mind.

·         Play to educate your child

Playing games is the most effective method to help kids memorize words. One of the strategies you can do when kids encounter unfamiliar English words is to use word-related games.

For example, if your child encounters a difficult word, you can use flashcards and play with them to practice and learn the word, or you can try creating a poem with that word and teach them its meaning and pronunciation through the poem.

Alternatively games, there are other activities you can engage in to facilitate the learning of unfamiliar vocabulary. For example, if there are illustrations corresponding to the theme of a children’s story, it can help the child comprehend the story.

In the aforementioned situations, you can demonstrate unfamiliar English words by pointing to the picture.


How to Teach Kids to Spell Words

How to Teach Kids Tricky Words 

Tricky words or “complex words” refer to words that have specific rules in pronunciation or spelling, which may be difficult for kids to speak and spell English. So it’s important to teach kids how to spell and pronounce them

To teach Tricky words to kids, you can use the following methods:

  • Regular repetition: regularly repeat difficult words so that kids can memorize them. This can be done through games, writing exercises, or verbal practice.

  • Use flashcards: Use flashcards or cards with images to help kids visualize the words and learn their pronunciation.

  • Word – Word-based games: Use games that are associated with difficult words to engage kids enjoyably and interactively. For example, you can play a pronunciation game where kids are encouraged to pronounce difficult words in a specific order.

  • Writing exercises: Give kids the opportunity to write tricky words. This exercise can help reinforce spelling and proper pronunciation of the words.







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