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Qkids Interactive Platform

Qkids English Interactive platform utilizes engaging activities, accessing to secure live courses, and multimedia to make learning English fun and effective. Qkids English aims to improve students' English language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through live, interactive lessons conducted in small group settings.

Qkids English Student
Qkids English Characters
Qkids Placement Test

Placement Test

Before your child begins their English learning journey with Qkids, a comprehensive placement test designed optionally for students who can read and write, and for those who cannot is applied to accurately assess their current proficiency level. This ensures they are placed in the appropriate class level, maximizing their learning experience and progression

Learning with Exercises

Qkids interactive exercises are specially designed to reinforce key language concepts taught in class.


Through engaging activities and games, your child will have fun while practicing essential English skills such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, fostering confidence and fluency.

Qkids Exercise
Qkids Unit Exercise

Unit Test and Level Tests

At Qkids, we regularly assess student's progress through unit tests and comprehensive level tests.


These assessments help track students development, identify areas for improvement, and ensure they are advancing through our curriculum at an optimal pace, setting them up for success in their English learning journey.

Student Book and Workbook

Each Qkids course comes with a carefully crafted student book and workbook, packed with engaging materials and activities to enhance your child's learning experience both in and out of the classroom. These resources provide structured practice and reinforcement of key language concepts covered in class

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Qkids Course Videos

Supplementing classroom learning, Qkids course videos offer dynamic visual content that reinforces lesson topics and engages young learners.


Designed to be both educational and entertaining, these videos help solidify understanding and retention of English language concepts.


Explore Qkids English extensive collection of readers, carefully curated to cater to different interests and reading levels. From captivating stories to informative texts, our readers encourage independent reading and expand student's vocabulary and comprehension skills in English.

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Songs Library

Music is a powerful tool for language learning, and Qkids song library is filled with catchy tunes and engaging lyrics to make learning English fun and memorable. Singing along to familiar melodies helps improve pronunciation, rhythm, and overall language proficiency.

Phonics Library

Qkids phonics library offers a systematic approach to teaching phonics, a fundamental aspect of early English language learning. Through Qkids interactive phonics activities and resources, students will develop essential decoding and reading skills, laying a solid foundation for future language acquisition.

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