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Qkids Live Courses

Qkids English Characters

Experience Qkids English live courses! Interactive sessions, led by certified teachers from native English-speaking countries, offer personalized learning in secure, engaging environments. Join our innovative platform for fun, effective language acquisition tailored to young learners.

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Qkids Secure Platform

Qkids live courses are conducted through our patented secure platform, ensuring a safe online environment for young learners. With stringent measures in place, such as filtering objectionable content and providing ad-free streams, parents can trust that young learners online experience is protected while they engage in enriching Qkids English lessons.

Interactive Interface

Experience learning like never before with Qkids' interactive interface. Designed for tactile learning and engagement, our platform transforms lessons into immersive experiences that foster active participation and retention. From dynamic visuals to interactive activities, every element is crafted to make learning English enjoyable and effective.


Teacher Standards and Policy

At Qkids, our qualified teachers go beyond traditional instruction. They carefully observe students' movements and tendencies during live lessons, noting areas for improvement and adapting their teaching approach accordingly. This personalized attention ensures that every student receives targeted support and guidance to maximize their learning potential.

Awarding at Qkids

Celebrating achievements and motivating students to reach their full potential. At Qkids English, learners are rewarded for their progress and completion of tasks. As they advance through courses, our approach shifts from completion-based rewards to accuracy-focused incentives, keeping students engaged and motivated to excel in their English learning journey.

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Qkids Gamification

Engage, learn, and succeed with Qkids' gamified approach to education. Qkids courses incorporate elements of gamification to make learning English fun and rewarding. From earning points and badges to unlocking new levels of achievement, students are motivated to actively participate and strive for success in their language learning endeavors.

Peer Learning at Qkids

Experience the power of peer learning with Qkids. Qkids platform facilitates interaction among students, allowing them to learn from each other's experiences and insights. Supported by scientific research, peer learning enhances comprehension and retention, providing students with a collaborative and enriching learning environment.

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