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Qkids English Stories are unparalleled !

Stories have a irreplaceable role in the growth and personal development of each children. The books they read and the characters they encounter through different scenarios let them relate senses and concepts within real life experiences and enhance their imagination power. Positioning perception that books are the references of their knowledge and whenever they want to go deep about any subject their conscious points them to open a cover of book. Reading also let kids build  their confidence, cope with feelings and earn resillience code besides language infrastructure.

Building up self-confidence

Young aged individuals having ability to read well, build more confidence earlier and this can lead to improvement at relevant characteristic fields. Scientific studies have proved that children having better reading skills show higher performance at schools and also have better social status signals than peers in the class which reflects to other social skills as consiquences and provides them sufficent self-esteem to find their accurate route in life.  Stories are the secure way of  showing children what people’s lives are similar to, where they live and be acknowledged about global issues and be aware of international standards difference.

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Self-esteem creation through role-models

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Learning and Language 

English Stories for children are a great way to introduce new vocabulary, terminology and ideas into a child’s own language – starting with animated stories for the very young, working up to more complex context for young ages. English stories can help children learn about situations, concepts such as shape, size, sense, fullness, emptiness, pace and colour, high and low, hot or warm, up and down, inside and outside, quantity and the names of objects. They can also teach children about daily routines which can be described as how to tidy up their room, brush their teeth, having good attitude to animals, personal care and preparing simple food.

English Stories for kids are also useful for making kids familiar with more complex ideas, such as the importance of helping to each other, co-operation and the worth of time, participating with  others and these means of soft skills. In kids psychology it is so common to use stories and put relation with characters been recognized through stories when trying to explain traumatic events, such as natural disasters, family problems or some other unexpected cases.

English Fiction stories based on real-life can also assist children with their own life experience and positioning – it shows them how different the world is and that some societies lives are vastly different to their own life routines.

And what’s so impressive about learning through English stories is that the process is executed in a natural way. There’s no actual and artificial teaching involved at all, they learn from simply reading and contextualizing from events natural environment.

Qkids English Sample Story


Qkids English has level based story inventory depending on Qkids lovely characters where your children will have interest and direct appeal within intriguing scenarious. Let your children learn through Qkids expressive stories.


Qkids English Stories are more than appealing scenarios

English stories for kids at Qkids Interactive Learning Platform not only consists of well-marked contents but also it is designed to reinforce learned context through academic curriculum.

Grammar structure and preferred vocabulary used in stories just refers to passed over teachings where as students have opportunity for repetition and make use of contextual learning. 

Qkids English Story Books

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qkids english books for children

Qkids customized library is a featured division of interactive learning platform, books consisting of appealing child stories relevant to your child's level. Qkids English books empower the language learning ability and create enthusiasm for your child with attractive pictures and thought-provoking scenarios.

If you are ready to invite your child for the first step to Qkids English stories world be sure to access for the appropriate level of books through Qkids English Placement Test!

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Find the right Book with Qkids English Placement  Test for your child 


Qkids English Interactive Learning Platform's Placement Test is designed to help you as a parent to choose the best books to help your child motivate to read more and develop reading habit gradually. Qkids English Stories for Children are convenient for children approximately 3–12 years old.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent or teacher to know exactly what level your child is, so on-purpose test has been designed to analayze quickly which level of books suits your child best. Once you have diagnosed apropriate level for your child, you can explore a range of resources convenient and beneficial for them.

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qkids characters for online english for kids

Qkids English &

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