How to teach children counting in English?

On the basis of language teaching, besides values ​​such as empathy and instilling a sense of "can do" to the child, it is very important that each concept is given in a language that he can understand and the frame is totally pedagogically approved.

1. Accurate pronunciation

Count to 20 with your child in English

Count from the end to the beginning, then ask them to count rhythmically by 5 each. Stop anywhere in the counting task and give instant feedback on the pronunciation of the numbers.

Then, continue to practice and repeat with your child, asking them to count the objects in the room first together and then just alone. Continue this activity in the form of toys, books and make it part of your daily routine.

2. The natural method

To develop your child's language skills, read aloud the part of the characters from their favorite story or cartoon. Phone numbers, birth dates, license plates are ideal concepts to make sense of numbers. Read the paragraph once, then ask them to write it in English. And most importantly, make it a part of your daily activities.